Cincinnati Bengals ripped online after their latest announcement

Bengals practice field

People on the internet have reacted to news coming out of the Cincinnati Bengals and some changes that are coming to the team in the near future. 

The Cincinnati Bengals are a team that are certainly on the rise. They finally managed to get over their slump in the playoffs last season when they reached the Super Bowl, having gone without a victory in the postseason since the 1990 season, including a spell when they went one-and-done in six out of seven seasons and five in a row between 2009-2015.

With a number of players on their roster who look as if they could be real stars in the league, including 2021 Offensive Rookie of the Year Ja’Marr Chase and quarterback Joe Burrow, it looks as if they could compete for a long time to come. 

Sometimes though, it isn’t always a matter of who you have on the team that makes you a solid contender for silverware, sometimes it is the stuff off the field that matters as well. It could be the head coach, or some excellent front office staff, or the stadium you play in (just ask the Seattle Seahawks) that help you over the edge.

And the Bengals are looking to take another big step in that part of the organisation with their latest announcement.

What have they done?

In an announcement on their social media accounts, the Bengals have announced that they will be building an indoor practice facility, right next to their current practice field, which just so happens to be pretty much right next door to their home stadium of Paycor Stadium:

The reason this is big news? The Bengals, once this is all said and done, will finally be able to join the rest of the NFL in having an indoor facility, something that they have lacked as a team ever since they were founded back in the old AFL in 1968.

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The internet reacts

And it was that fact that left many on the internet rather surprised as they flocked to their post on Twitter in order to comment on it, many of them using the fact as a punching bag for how behind the times they were:

Bengals practice tweet 3
Bengals practice tweet 4

Whether or not having an indoor practice facility will make a big difference in the grand scheme of things is really unknown, after all they made it to the Super Bowl last year without one, but if it helps them just a little bit, then it might make the team that little bit better to go that extra step and finally win the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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