New York Jets' Ahmad 'Sauce' Gardner signs incredibly appropriate sponsorship deal

Ahmad Gardner and some wings

New York Jets rookie cornerback Ahmad Gardner has unveiled a sponsorship opportunity that perfectly fits in with both his name and his style even before making his true NFL debut. 

The New York Jets are a team who have certainly been busy this offseason when it comes to making some improvements, improvements that were desperately needed after they went 4-13 last season, their 6th losing season in a row. 

More than just their record though, it was the numbers that they put up that was perhaps even more alarming, giving up 4,409 yards through the air. Which explains why they spent their first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft on Ahmad Garnder, the cornerback from the University of Cincinnati.ย 

And if his first few weeks in the NFL is anything to go on, then his impact on the Jets defence might not even be a small, incremental one, he could very well be a key cog when it comes to turning their franchise around.

The perfect preseason

Preseason games and results mean as much or as little as you want them to. If you win or play well then you can take some confidence going into the season that you are doing some things right, and if you lose or play badly, then you acknowledge that the games donโ€™t matter and you can focus on getting it right in the weeks before the results do count. 

But when it comes to preseason performances, there was arguably no better performer than the 21-year-old in the month of August, as he took to the NFL seamlessly by performing as well, if not better, than he did in college:

Now whether this is a sign of things to come, or needs to be tempered by the fact the players werenโ€™t all first-teamers throughout the preseason is up to you to decide, but it looks as if some have taken it to mean that he is going to be a star in the NFL as theyโ€™ve already signed him up to a sponsorship deal.

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Career passing touchdowns

Cashing in already

Ahmad Gardnerโ€™s nickname is โ€˜Sauceโ€™, a name that reportedly came from his youth football days and his love of dipping sauces. Luckily there is one restaurant out there that is known for their sauces and have come together with Gardner to get him his own line ahead of the season, and thatโ€™s Buffalo Wild Wings:

This might be seen as a little bit too early for a rookie in the NFL to be linked with such a well-known brand in the United States, but given how things have gone so far, you can understand why they would jump at the opportunity to form a partnership. 

And if he can continue to perform like this when the games really count, then it will look like a stroke of genius between the two sides. 

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