Jimmy Garoppolo: 49ers reportedly rule out trading with one team for QB's services

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly having some trouble when it comes to moving off quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, although some of it is reportedly their fault.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and his future with the San Francisco 49ers is a saga that could very well be coming to and end in the coming days, and not a moment too soon after dominating a large part of the NFL landscape for the vast majority of the offseason and summer. 

Garoppolo’s time at Levi’s Stadium could best be described as ‘mixed’. Despite having a record of 33-16 with the team across the regular and postseason since joining them from the New England Patriots in the 2017 season, taking them to an NFC Championship twice as well as a trip to the Super Bowl, the number of injuries that he’s picked up clearly wasn’t enough for them to trust him moving forward, and so they brought in his heir-apparent in the form of Trey Lance.

The 49ers tried to groom Lance last season, giving him some minutes here and there, even allowing him to start two games, and despite some bad reports emerging about his play in training camp, he looks to hold onto the starting role heading into the 2022 season. 

The 49ers have tried their best to try and get Garoppolo out of town and onto a team that was looking for a quarterback, but with all the likely spots filled, including Baker Mayfield with the Carolina Panthers and the Cleveland Browns staying put even after the news surrounding Deshaun Watson, there aren’t any suitable options left.

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Actually, there is perhaps one left, but the 49ers reportedly have no interest in doing business.

Even slimmer pickings

According to a report from NFL reporter Jordan Schultz, the 49ers are refusing to do business with the Seattle Seahawks over Garoppolo’s future:

The Seahawks did recently announce that Geno Smith would be their starter over Drew Lock, but given the choice, based on how all three of their careers have gone so far, you would imagine if Garoppolo was in that quarterback room, he would be the starter at Lumen Field, so it’s understandable why the 49ers might not want to trade to a division rival. 

However as the report hints, the 49ers are left with a difficult decision when it comes to what they want to do with him, and time is very quickly ticking away for them to make up their minds. 

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