2022 World Cup kits: Every shirt that's been released or leaked so far

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The World Cup trophy.

The 2022 World Cup is on the horizon.

While the start of a new club season might usually inspire the thought: “ah, the World Cup is kicking off next summer,” the wait is mere months away this time around as Qatar hosts the first ever winter tournament.

As such, just as soon as you’ll be lapping up Erling Haaland’s 15th goal of the season and Arsenal‘s inevitable pre-Christmas implosion, you’ll be shocked to see that the World Cup has completely snuck up on you.

2022 World Cup kits

So allow us here at GIVEMESPORT to ease you into the festivities as we go along because there was, believe or not, a major development in the pre-tournament hype on Monday.

At least, that’s especially the case if you’re a fan of football shirts because Puma and Adidas dropped a selection of their jerseys that will be on display for the world to see when November and December rolls around.

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Lionel Messi on Argentina duty

Lionel Messi made his professional football debut for which club?

A few leaks for World Cup kits have indeed slipped through the net over the past couple of months, but Monday’s drop marked the mass confirmation of designs that we can expect to see on the world stage.

And from controversial Puma templates to gorgeous Germany releases, there’s plenty to unpack from the first fashion flourishes to fly off the clothes rails.

Leaked World Cup kits

So much so, in fact, that we wanted to give you a comprehensive rundown of every single 2022 World Cup kit across the 32 nations that has either been released or leaked at the time of writing.

Yes, that’s right, we won’t just be showcasing the Puma and Adidas designs to hit shops this week, but also the strips that – courtesy of the kit experts over at Footy Headlines – you can check out ahead of their official release.

Good fun, right? You betcha, so let’s take a whistle-stop tour down the catwalk of 2022 World Cup fashion by checking out all the jerseys that we know about so far:

Group A


Not a lot is known about the host nation’s upcoming jerseys as things stand, but it looks as though they will maintain tradition with a fairly classic maroon and white combination for their home strip.


While Marathon Sports might have played things pretty safe with their home design, boy do they swing for the fences with an away release that could well rank amongst the very finest at this year’s tournament.


Ah, the first in a long line of ‘box’ templates, Senegal’s away strip has hit the shelves this week in Puma’s most controversial kit stunt since their badge-less third shirts from last season.


Contrary to fake leaks, Oranje’s latest home shirt won’t stray too far from tradition barring a lion fur-like texturing, while their dark blue away release just smacks of the early 2000s.

Group B


The definition of a mixed bag. While the Three Lions’ new away strip might be a sensational callback to the 1990s, the home shirt might well be the loudest, boldest and frankly worst England effort we’ve seen in a long time.


Very little is known about Iran’s 2022 World Cup kits at this stage.

United States of America

You won’t be able to miss the USA at this year’s World Cup, that’s for sure, because their thoroughly unique Nike templates will leave some turning their heads in disgust and others sprinting to the bank.


We’re a big fan of the purported collar set to be rounding off Wales’ new away strip but for the most part, we’re a little underwhelmed by the nation’s first World Cup clobber in almost 65 years.

Group C


It’s hard to go wrong with an Argentina home shirt, it must be said, but Adidas have truly hit a home run with their purple away strip that Lionel Messi will be hoping to lift the World Cup in on December 18.

Saudi Arabia

There is hitherto little to no information on Saudi Arabia’s kits for the 2022 tournament.


If the World Cup was won on kits, then Mexico would be conquering the globe because Adidas have struck gold with their drippy designs that effortlessly tip their hats to the nation’s culture.


So far, so little in terms of a heads up on Poland’s new shirts that are expected to be manufactured by Nike.

Group D


A gorgeously simple home kit that everybody and their dog is drooling over is joined by a head-turning alternate strip that features a French-themed texture including everything from the Arc de Triomphe to a cow.


A pre-match jerseys for the Aussies has been leaked, but the trail goes cold in regards to their official jerseys.


Again, nothing to report as of yet.


And that’s clearly a theme for Group D because there’s no luck with Tunisia either.

Group E


A home strip of pure class with stunning red, navy and yellow trimmings is only undercut by an away kit that, at least in our eyes, overeggs the pudding with that distracting blue texturing.

Costa Rica

It’s expected that New Balance will continue to produce Costa Rica’s kits up until Qatar 2022 despite the Adidas rumours, but that’s where the information runs dry.


Yup, pure class. These Adidas designs have gone down a treat on social media and for good reason, too, because the home shirt is just so smart and the away release cuts a fantastic colour combination.


Oh my goodness gracious me. Love, love, love. The texturing on the sleeves for the away kit is our personal highlight from what might just be the best two shirts ready to hit Qatar this winter.

Group F


Call us picky, but we’ve never really been a fan of Belgium’s new logo and that continues to sully a home shirt that looks more like a Year 6 disco shirt, while the away strip – though admirably unique – isn’t our cup of tea.


Surprisingly, Footy Headlines carried reports earlier this year that Canada could well be the only team at the 2022 World Cup not to release new kits especially for the tournament.


Of all the nations to be slapped with Puma’s controversial new away shirt template, Morocco have probably fared the best with a light grey geometric pattern that blends decently well with the white background.


The classic Croatian checks have a larger-than-usual central white column as its distinguishing feature this time around, while the away strip goes for a pretty slick black and blue combination.

Group G


You always know what you’re getting with a Brazil home shirt and this is yet another classy addition to the nation’s proud history in yellow, but it’s the leopard-like away design that’s the real head-turner.


More Puma, more controversy. There’s even more to come in Group H, too, so we don’t dwell for too long on this latest Serbian effort to take to the world stage.


But first, some more…


As for Cameroon, they might have dodged the Puma ‘box’ bullet, but we don’t yet know what they can expect from their new One All Sports deal.

Group H


Although there’s a lot to like about the Selecao’s mostly white alternate strip, many people would agree that their Monaco-like home shirt ranks amongst the very worst set to be worn in Qatar.


Here we go again. The worst example of Puma’s new away shirt range is undoubtedly this Ghana effort that just ends up looking like a t-shirt – and has duly been torn to shreds by fans online.


These Puma box templates are hard to love, aren’t they? Uruguay’s away kit is the final example of a World Cup team sporting the divisive flourish later this year.

South Korea

But we’re happy to end on some of the most eye-catching strips at the entire tournament with Korea’s home shirt channeling a ‘Red Devils’ vibe and their away top throwing out the rule book with an explosion of colour.

Which is your favourite kit of all?

Are you scrambling around for your credit card or merely shrugging your shoulders? Well, that’s the thing with football kits, it tends to either be one or the other.

And on this occasion, there seems to be plenty to feast upon at either end of the spectrum with designs like Ghana’s away kit widely panned while England’s own alternate strip seems to have gone down a treat.

However, as we all know, you don’t win or lose a World Cup based on whether your shirt is terrible or terrific, so let’s wait and see what all 32 teams can achieve in their fresh clobber when they take to Qatar this winter.

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