Fernando Alonso reflects further on Lewis Hamilton incident after brandishing Brit an 'idiot'

Fernando Alonso has said that his clash with Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix was ‘a racing incident’.

The old rivals locked horns on lap one of the race at Spa-Francorchamps and ended up coming together at Les Combes, with Hamilton sent up into the air and back down to Earth with a bump, which would prove enough to end his race a handful of corners later.

Soon after, a radio message was broadcast which included Alonso labelling Hamilton an ‘idiot’ and only a driver capable of competing when starting in first.

Pretty sharp words from the Spaniard, though the heat of the moment must also be considered, and after the race he put a little bit more of a cooler description on events, as he spoke to the press here in Spa:

“I think it was a first lap incident.

“These things happen, in that corner especially there are a lot of things that are going on. People normally cut the corner in six and rejoin the track in seven.

“So it’s a tricky part of the circuit for sure. It was a racing incident, nothing [more] to say.

“As I said, when I start well, on the first row, the second row, all these things happen. For sure, I was frustrated in that moment. But he accepted his mistake and it is welcome.”

Hamilton has obviously been made aware of Alonso’s comments on the radio and was not impressed, saying it’s nice to know how the Spaniard feels about him, to it remains to be seen if this one has been totally put to bed.

Two old rivals still battling out at the top of motorsport, it’s clear the competitive spirit in both men still burns incredibly brightly.

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