KSI vs Swarmz & Pineda: Salt Papi's humungous knockout

Salt Papi KO

KSI made history this weekend as he took on two fights in one night, winning both via knockout over fellow musician Swarmz to kick off the night before his main event bout with professional fighter Luis Pineda.

He repeated the feat against the pro by winning again by TKO after what can only be considered an embarrassing performance for someone deemed a professional fighter.

Pineda complained about punches to the back of the head throughout, although they didn’t hit him there, with True Geordie on commentary offering a scathing analysis of his performance throughout.

The undercard included a range of fights, including KSI’s brother Deji who got the W, prompting an incredibly wholesome reaction from JJ backstage who was watching intently.

Salt Papi was also on the undercard and is a famous content creator, making a name for himself on TikTok imitating Salt Bae.

Although far from a professional fighter, he displayed some unreal quality in his 29-second demolition job on Andy Warski, knocking him out after a brutal combination.

He unleashed a flurry of four punches on his opponent who was unable to react to the speed and quality from Salt Papi, the combination was oozing with quality.

KSI celebrates in the ring.
Boxing – KSI v Swarmz & Pineda – O2 Arena, London, Britain – August 27, 2022 KSI celebrates after winning his fight against Luis Alcaraz Pineda Action Images via Reuters/Peter Cziborra

A lot is made of the new phenomenon of YouTuber/influencer boxing, with the quality obviously a gulf from the professional standards lovers of the sport are used to.

In the defence of the event, KSI managed to sell out the O2 Arena in London, conveying the demand is there with plenty of people willing to pay to see it.

It is bringing a range of new fans to the sport hopefully and therefore taking the sports to new heights that it may not have done without this involvement.

Obviously, for hardcore fans of the sport, this sort of event is unlikely to get the juices flowing, which is fine. No one is being forced to watch it, but the fact so many people have tuned into it shows us the market is clearly there for these boxing nights.

Both KSI and Jake Paul (the two main names in YouTube boxing currently) are looking to take on professional boxers too in the future, so the more fights the duo have, the better the quality will be with the quality of opposition increasing too.

The combination from Salt Papi though was unreal and showed us some great quality on the night, even if the defence wasn’t there to match!

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