Hafthor Bjornsson's physique one week after returning to training is unreal

Hafthor Bjornsson Returns To Training

Hafthor Bjornsson is one of the strongest men in the world, holding the tag of the strongest man in the world in the past, although his focus has shifted to being a famous actor and boxer.

Known for his role in hit TV show, Game of Thrones, Bjornsson has also taken to the ring to ply his trade and use his strength to land a knockout blow in boxing, shredding nine stone from his weight competing as a strongman.

Having amassed over four million followers on Instagram, we’ve been no stranger to seeing the brutal workout routines he does to stay in such incredible shape and to keep that brute level strength.

However, it’ll surely be a huge task for him to remain in such shape, so to see him appearing to have taken a break from the gruelling task is no surprise, especially after he hasn’t been in the ring since March and has no fight lined up.

He defeated Eddie Hall via unanimous decision in the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’ before setting his sights on Tyson Fury, although that will have to wait with The Gypsy King heading for an undisputed heavyweight clash with Oleksandr Usyk at the end of the year.

Despite him taking a break and having no real focus bar staying in shape to train for, he has shared a picture on Instagram showing off his physique after just a week back in the gym.

Hafthor Bjornsson during Eddie Hall fight
Hafthor Bjornsson during Eddie Hall fight

It’s safe to say that Bjornsson clearly puts the hours and hard work in, looking impeccable after just a week back says a lot about him as a person and how much he thrives being in such incredible physique.

If he is to continue his boxing career after his victory over Hall, whoever he takes on will surely need an unholy amount of training to be able to compete with him and to get anywhere close to his size and strength.

Not only that, it will take a brave man to take him on, or someone incredibly confident in their own abilities, it’ll surely take something incredible to land a knockout blow to the Icelandic heavyweight.

There’s nothing to say he won’t take Fury on in the future, but the trail did go cold for a while and with other commitments, that fight could be some way down the line, but what a fight it would be, especially if Fury comes to it as the undisputed heavyweight champion.

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