KSI's insane seven-month body transformation ahead of Swarmz & Pineda fights

KSI's insane seven-month body transformation ahead of Swarmz & Pineda fights

KSI, the YouTuber, entrepreneur, singer and professional boxer, is making his long-awaited return to the ring this evening in TWO fights at the O2 Arena.

His boxing career has only contained one professional fight thus far against Logan Paul in 2019, which the Brit won via split decision.

Logan Paul managed to use his profile and status to get a lucrative exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather. He even succeeded in going the distance against the former five-division world champion in what was a rather tepid and forgettable affair.

Paul has now left boxing behind and has joined the world of professional wrestling having signed a contract with the WWE in June this year. It is an environment that he looks much more comfortable and competent in.

Whilst Logan Paul has gone in a different direction, it is a fight with Jake Paul that KSI really craves. The latter has been busying himself with his other side projects, whilst Jake has began to establish himself as a rising boxer star and now stands with a 5-0 record.

Thoughts of a fight with Jake Paul will have to be put aside for the moment, however, as KSI continues his final preparations for his double header tonight at the O2 Arena.

He first fights against rapper Swarmz, followed by a bout against Mexican boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda. For Swarmz, this is his first professional fight, whilst Luisa Alcaraz Pineda has a 2-5 record.

KSI live watchalong
KSI live watchalong

Watch our live watchalong of KSI’s fight night here!

Not a stellar cast of opponents, but KSI’s profile is sure to draw the crowds as is the unusual 2 for 1 format.

As this video shows, KSI has really put in some graft in 2022 to get himself in shape for the fights.

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Beginning the year at 215 pounds and puffy, he has now got himself down to a lean 180lbs of muscle to leave him barely recognisable.

Whether he has the boxing skills and craft to go with his new gym honed body is yet to be seen.

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Where was Jake Paul born?

Tonight, however, we get to find out!

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