Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: UFC star's chilling whispered message during face-off

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: UFC star's chilling whispered message during face-off

There were reports earlier this month which suggested that a second bout between the undefeated five-division boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC legend Conor McGregor could be happening.

Given the regard with which both fighters are held within their respective disciplines, this is something fans would want to see. Well, casual combat sports fans anyway. The die-hard fans may not want to see it again due to their displeasure of seeing all these exhibition fights taking place throughout the year.

The Irishman surprisingly managed to take Mayweather to round 10 before the 11-time world champion claimed the fight via TKO, with McGregor looking physically exhausted and dead on his feet. The win took the American’s unbeaten run to 50 professional fights.

The pre-fight meetings were also pretty spicy, with neither man prepared to give an inch.

The footage of the press conferences and the face-offs are still popular, with plenty flocking to YouTube to reminisce over some of the build up to the fight.

In most of the pre-fight shenanigans, McGregor is the initial aggressor, showing that he has never been one to be intimidated by reputations, and in this one in particular, he is pretty damn chilling.

“Boom! Head off the canvas. And a new king of boxing,” was a whispered message from the Irishman, serving notice of his intent.

Mayweather, however, kept his cool and replied, deadpan: “You’re a comedian.”

McGregor then stated: “This is Bruce Lee s***,” before staring into Mayweather’s eyes and wishing him luck.

Mayweather, with the confidence of a man who had 49 undefeated fights behind him, casually wished McGregor luck too.

One fan commented: “’Boom, head off the canvas. And the NEW king of boxing’. I’ll always love that.”

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And another posted: ”I love the way he says the new king of boxing.”

Others enjoyed Mayweather referring to McGregor as a comedian, with one saying: “You’re a comedian”.. so cold.”

And some fans picked up on McGregor playing up to the comedian comment with the “Bruce Lee s***” comment and pose.

While Mayweather won the fight, McGregor took huge credit for stepping outside his specialist discipline and competing with an all-time great. Many commented on this saying that the fight probably went on longer than the boxing legend felt comfortable with.

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Some more cynical fans commented on the size of the purse for both fighters. The event had been billed as “The Money Fight” with figures in excess of $150 million talked about.

Some of the cynics claimed the pre-fight exchange of words and the subsequent bout which lasted 10 rounds was all designed to hype things up and ensure a big pay day. However, this theory totally overlooks the pride, dedication and will to win of two great champions.

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