Tower of Fantasy: How to fast travel

Map in Tower of Fantasy

How do you fast-travel in the Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is a fast-paced action adventure RPG set in a wide-open world. The newly released title has similar ‘Genshin Impact‘ vibes and has been massively popular following its release.

The open-world RPG is set hundreds of years in the future on a planet known as Aida, you are there as your homeworld is uninhabitable after humankind went through all of its resources, sucking the planet dry. For the good of your people, you must learn to survive this world, so that humanity can flourish once more.

In such a vast open world, it’s certainly hard to get around, which is why players need to start crafting together vehicles to explore other areas and landmarks. But is there a quicker way to travel than this? There certainly is, and that’s by fast travelling. So how do you do this? Find out everything you need to know below.

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How to fast travel/teleport in Tower of Fantasy

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To fast travel in Tower of Fantasy – you need to do the following.

  • Open the map using the “M” key on the PC and choose one of the available Spacerifts within the region. These icons are yellow and are characterized by a teleportation pad with small beaming effects.
  • Choose the Spacerift near the desired location and select Transmit to fast travel to your desired area.

Fans who’ve played Genshin Impact will undoubtedly be familiar with this traversal system, as it is almost identical.

Please bear in mind that Spacerifts that have yet to be discovered will be greyed out on the in-game map and cannot be used until the player physically travels to the site and activates them. Be wary, as the world is full of threats and enemy mobs that may guard the areas nearby these fast travel points. 

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