UFC 278: Super slow-mo of Leon Edwards’ KO of Kamaru Usman is brutal 

Edwards Usman KO

The slow-motion replay shows just how incredible Leon Edwards’ knockout of Kamaru Usman at UFC 278 was.

Edwards became the second-ever champion from England following his knockout victory over Usman.

‘Rocky’ was also the first ever fighter to knock Usman out in his professional career.

After a great first round, Leon started to slow down as Usman used his wrestling to tire the Englishman.

Heading into the fifth and final round, it’s fair to say that Edwards was 3-1 down.

Needing a finish, despite looking down and out, ‘Rocky’ shocked the world by finding the knockout blow out of nowhere.

The slow-motion replay shows how sensational the knockout was.

Coming into the fight, Leon’s striking was a big key to victory. His versatility in his offensive stand-up game was always going to cause problems for ‘The Nigerian Nightmare.’

Leon Edwards Kamaru Usman KO
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – AUGUST 20: Leon Edwards of Jamaica celebrates after winning a welterweight title bout against Kamaru Usman of Nigeria during UFC 278 at Vivint Arena on August 20, 2022 in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

When watching the replay, Leon was showing Usman the left to hide his next blow.

What happened next was truly out of this world. The Englishman was able to perfectly time the left high kick. In slow-motion, it shows how clean the kick landed, as Usman did not stand a chance of recovering.

Speaking after the fight, Edwards said: “You all doubted me, saying I couldn’t do it – look at me now.”

“I’m from the trenches. I’m built like this. I’ve been doubted my whole life but look at me now.”

Leon has not had the best of luck over the years due to several fight cancellations. However, when he was finally given the chance to compete for the title, he took it.

You can see the slow motion footage from the 1 minute 10 second mark below:

UFC president, Dana White said: “You think of everything that was on the line for Usman tonight, and Usman fought with total confidence, he fought the perfect fight. It might not be the most fan-friendly style but he was landing big shots to the body, big shots to the head, he couldn’t have fought a more perfect fight until the last minute.

 “It’s what makes this sport the best sport in the world, that you can sit through four rounds and four minutes and that can happen, anything is possible in this sport. There are no lop-sided or ones-sided fights, anything his possible. I said people wouldn’t give Leon enough credit, he was a dangerous opponent.”

Following the jaw-dropping victory, White confirmed that the UFC would love to do the trilogy bout at Wembley.

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