Philadelphia Eagles' Jordan Davis insane strength on show as he destroys Cam Jurgens

Jordan Davis and Jason Kelce at Eagles training camp

Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jordan Davis has shown that there is plenty of strength that comes with his size during a recent practice session.

Jordan Davis, despite being just 22 years of age comes into the NFL with the body of a man who has been in the league for a good few years now. Standing at 6’6 and weighing 340lbs, he is going to cause plenty of problems to opposing offensive linemen this year and beyond. 

He put up a total of 90 tackles, 11.5 of which were for loss and sacks during his college days at the University of Georgia, playing his part in a dominant defence that some are claiming is the best to have ever played the sport of college football, he would be an asset to pretty much any team that wanted him.

But it was the Philadelphia Eagles that took the chance on him as they picked him with the 13th selection in this year’s NFL Draft, where it is becoming pretty obvious that he belongs in the NFL.

For one thing, whilst his size might sound impressive, it doesn’t really hit home until you see what he’s like compared to his fellow defensive linemen, as this picture with 6’4, 310lb Fletcher Cox (who is set to be on the line next to Davis) does a pretty good job of demonstrating.

But whilst his stature is one thing, it’s important on how a player uses it, and he put that on full display this past weekend during an open training session for Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field. 

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Asserting his dominance

Caught on film by Eagles fan Rich Bussey, Davis was involved in a drill that involved him rushing Eagles centre Cam Jurgens after the snap, but Davis went far more than just rushing Jurgens, he pushed him back with strength that the veteran couldn’t even get his feet right:

Now whilst Jurgens is an awful lot smaller than Davis at just 6’3 and 303lbs, for a centre to be pushed back with such ease, even if it is just during practice, is something that the whole league needs to see and be heavily warned about.

The preseason starts this week and you would expect to see him get a lot of reps given his rookie status as the Eagles look to see what he can bring to the table. Now we just have to see if he can pull off these insane moves when he’s going up against real opposition rather than just in practice.

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