Hafthor Bjornsson smashing Dan Bilzerian's $25k weightlift challenge in 2019

Hafthor Bjornsson smashing Dan Bilzerian's $25k weightlift challenge in 2019

Most people across the world will recognise Dan Bilzerian for having a lot of money.

The social media influencer, as they like to be called these days, is well known for having an abundance of girls hanging on his arms, a businessman and his poker playing skills.

However, in his free time, Bilzerian is really into his fitness, as you can probably tell from his physique. He will spend time after time doing hardcore exercises in an attempt to keep himself in shape.

In 2019, there was a YouTube video released where Bilzerian was featured on Hafthor Bjornsson’s channel.

For those who don’t know, Thor is the first and only person to have won the Arnold Strongman Classic, the Europe’s Strongest Man and the World’s Strongest Man in the same calendar year.

In the video, Bilzerian was working alongside Bjornsson in the gym, trying some new equipment and lifting some heavy weights.

At around the 17th-minute mark, Bjornsson can be found showing a certain weight to Bilzerian, which weighs in at 70kg and can only be lifted by one hand.

Seventy kilograms for these two massive men sounds easy, right? Wrong!

Of course, a former World’s Strongest Man was able to lift the weight with ease. He was able to do it with each hand separately as a matter of fact.

Immediately after lifting up the weight, Bjornsson said: “This is heavy. Anybody in the team can try it, if you can do it, you get a free t-shirt.”

Quickly after, Bilzerian jumped at the opportunity and said: “This should be easier than that [a previous lift].”

Once again, wrong!

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

From the off, the influencer soon realised that the challenge was a lot harder than he originally thought.

His grip was simply not strong enough, and eventually, he knew that he wasn’t going to lift the weight up.

Soon after, Bilzerian offered $25,000 to the next person in line if he was able to lift the weight.

Thankfully for his wallet, no one was able to successfully complete the challenge.

Going forward, maybe this is something Bilzerian will try to attempt to pull off.

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