England rugby coach Eddie Jones completely loses it with Australia fan in explosive footage

England rugby head coach Eddie Jones was left furious by a comment made by an Australia fan after England’s 21-17 test match victory over Australia in Sydney. 

The game was the third and final test of a series which saw England impress as they secured consecutive series wins over their Australian counterparts at the Sydney Cricket Ground. 

The heated exchange, which saw Jones bite back at the spectator, occurred after the full time whistle when the fan pointed at Jones before saying; “You’re a traitor”.

This comment was in reference to the fact that Jones is Australian and managing the English national side to victory over his country of descent.

The footage captured below shows that Jones is incensed by this comment and, surprisingly, loses his cool in a fashion you would not usually associate with the man who has been in charge of England since 2015.

In response to the fan’s accusations, Jones is clearly very ruffled and snaps back: “Come here and say that”.

It is unusual to see a coach so confrontational with a fan, especially when you consider his team have been victorious and he must have expected a degree of criticism coaching England in a test series against the Wallabies in his homeland.

Jones was pulled away by security, who can be heard saying to the fan “I’ve spoken to you before”, which shows that this may have been an ongoing issue that had drawn a rise out of the England coach.

When asked about the incident by the Sydney Morning Herald, Jones did provide comment, stating that: “Clowns think they have full go to abuse coaches”.

Whilst coaches should not have to put up with abuse, as England head coach perhaps Jones can be expected to behave in a more professional and less confrontational manner.

However, the abuse captured in the video was not an isolated incident, with Rugby Australia condemning the behaviour of this fan and others who abused Jones, calling the behaviour ‘totally unacceptable’

On what would have been an emotional series for Jones personally, the former Japan coach has largely received support following his outburst and will hope fans soon forget about this incident.

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