Apex Legends Season 13: Valkyrie becomes the most popular Legend after ALGS

Apex Legends

As the most popular Legend for the first time in Apex Legends Season 13, Valkyrie competes against Wraith and Octane for the top pick rate slot.

Players in the fiercely competitive game Apex Legends choose from a cast of original characters. Each Legend has a playstyle, a kit of skills, and other elements that influence how they play.

Choosing which one to play with can be difficult in light of the foregoing, but it appears that Valkyrie has gained the greatest traction in Season 13 as a result of being used by practically every team in the 2022 ALGS Championship.

Valkyrie has been regarded as a potent Legend ever since her debut in Season 9 of the game. Her selection rate rocketed to the top five, closing in on Wraith and Octane, who now hold the top two slots, and this has become an even more common occurrence in recent seasons.

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Valkyrie becomes the most popular Legend after ALGS

Even though the developers chose to weaken Valkyrie in reaction to her power, both pro players and newcomers continue to favour her Legend above others.

Valkyrie has now formally surpassed all other Legend picks as of July 12 according to Apex Legends Status. With a staggering 10.8% %, Valkyrie is at the top, followed by Octane (10.6%) and Wraith (10.5% ).

The Legend’s domination in the 2022 ALGS Championship, when the character had a staggering 98% selection rate among the competing teams, is most likely the cause of this increase.

The best repositioning tool in the game, Valkyrie’s Ultimate ability, is said to put teams in a strong position and help them win games.

Her selection rate has likely increased as a result of casual players taking notice of how well-liked she is among professionals and maybe giving her a try in team composition for the Ranked Leagues.

This has made gamers desire nerfs and ask for a “drastic meta adjustment,” which, according to Josh Medina of Respawn, the developers appear to already be working on.

While Valkyrie is presently the most popular Legend, we’ll have to wait and see what the Apex Legends meta holds.

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