Apex Legends Mobile: Season 2's launch trailer unveils new exclusive legend

Apex Legends Mobile - Rhapsody

The official launch trailer for the second season of the well-known mobile game Apex Legends Mobile has just been made available.

The trailer shows some of the improvements in the upcoming season and introduces Rhapsody, a new legend who uses her musical prowess, along with an artificial canine comrade, to defeat her enemies on the battlefield.

Rhapsody hails from Kómma’s Neon Dunes neighbourhood, a brand-new location in the Apex Legends world. She claims she’s done something to provoke a battle with the forces who rule Pythas, a tech behemoth that has seized control of her home, and she spends her leisure time DJing and fending off her enemies.

After learning Pythas’ secrets, Rhapsody’s mother, an A.I. genius, was sacked from the company. Now, to recoup a loan, Rhapsody is competing in the Apex Games. Let’s find out more about Rhapsody’s trailer below.

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Season 2’s launch trailer unveils a new mobile-exclusive legend in Apex Legends Mobile

Rhapsody and her beautiful robotic dog, Rowdy, which her mother created, are adamant about carrying on the struggle, particularly in the new legend’s home territory.

At the start of the upcoming season, Pythas Block 0, a new mobile-only map, will be launched, giving players a closer look at Pythas. The new season of Apex Legends Mobile is guaranteed to be a smash with mobile players because of the neon, cyberpunk-themed landscape that is packed with challenges and other POIs.

According to the trailer, Rhapsody’s skills include the ability to mute sound within the game itself, a noise bomb, and a shield made of blinding neon light.

The trailer seems to corroborate a recent leak that contained the code names for impending mobile-only legends.

Players may want to pass the time by finishing their Cold Snap battle pass before it expires on 12th July 2022 with the debut of the new season because they won’t get to meet Rhapsody or visit her house until Apex Legends Season 2: Distortion begins.

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