Apex Legends: Most popular characters, Season 13 pick rates

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To play Apex Legends‘ several maps, you can choose from a ton of heroes in Season 13. In this piece, we reveal who the best Season 13 choice in the battle royale shooter from Respawn Entertainment is.

Apex Legends has eight different avatars to pick from in its battle royale offering. When Call of Duty: Warzone was released, the game saw a noticeable slump, but thanks to the continued backing of numerous well-known streamers like NICKMERCS and Dr Disrespect, Apex has quickly expanded.

Players are now spoilt for choice before every game because there are a whopping 21 distinct Legends to select from. Newcastle is the newest player to join the roster as Season 13 gets started.

Let’s examine how the new Legend has altered the roster by examining the Season 13 Legend pick rates, which give us a sense of which Legends are the most well-liked.

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Apex Legends pick rate in Season 13 ranked

According to Apex Legends Status as of June 30, 2022, the following ranks every pick rate for Apex Legends Season 13:

  1. Octane – 11.4%
  2. Wraith – 10.2%
  3. Valkyrie – 10%
  4. Pathfinder – 9.5%
  5. Bloodhound – 8.4%
  6. Horizon – 6.1%
  7. Lifeline – 4.9%
  8. Bangalore – 4.6%
  9. Ash – 3.9%
  10. Fuse – 3.6%
  11. Loba – 3.3%
  12. Caustic – 3.2%
  13. Seer – 3%
  14. Mirage – 2.8%
  15. Gibraltar – 2.5%
  16. Wattson – 2.4%
  17. Rampart – 2.4%
  18. Revenant – 2.2%
  19. Newcastle – 2%
  20. Mad Maggie – 1.7%
  21. Crypto – 1.7%

Most picked Legends in Apex Legends Season 13

Bloodhound – 8.4%

Bloodhound is a fantastic character for new players to employ in Season 13 of Apex Legends because of the influx of new players. As a season progresses, Bloodhound almost always remains in and around the 8-11% range, and they are now at 8.4%.

Apex Legends Bloodhound

They are without a doubt the best recon class in Apex Legends to use, given their tracking equipment, extraordinary talents, and priceless Beast of the Hunt Ultimate.

Pathfinder – 9.5%

For quite some time Pathfinder has constantly been one of Apex Legends’ top five picks at 9.5% and counting. Pathfinder excels at moving and navigating the game’s numerous maps as a Recon class.

Apex Legends Pathfinder

His grappling hook and zipline gun are simply priceless tools that will come in handy for any team in a pinch, whether it be due to the circle or an uninvited guest. As a result, he consistently ranks among the top 5.

Valkyrie – 10%

Valkyrie, the movement Queen, is in the top 5 Legend pick rates for Season 13 despite various nerfs, with 10% of the vote. Her Jetpack Passive gives users the freedom to leave any circumstance, which is essential for survival.

Apex Legends-Valkyrie
Image from Inverse

Her Skyward Dive Ultimate, in addition to her Passive, is excellent for mobility. This skill lets her and the squad move from a terrible scenario or position into a good one, making it the best rotating tool in all of Apex Legends.

As long as you have adequate room above you to fire the Missile Swarm, Valkyrie’s tactics are also very effective for being aggressive and driving foes from hiding places.

Wraith – 10.2%

Wraith, a starting Legend that has consistently been chosen throughout Apex Legends’ existence, has moved up to second place in Season 13 with a pick rate of 10.2%.

Apex Legends-Wraith

Wraith’s ability to bail out of sticky situations as swiftly as possible sets her apart from her comrades. She can sense danger, temporarily lose her vulnerability, and open portals to safety thanks to her powers. It’s simple to understand why Wraith is still a huge fan favourite in Apex Legends Season 13.

Octane – 11.4%

The most picked legend in Apex Legends. The speed demon, who was one of the most well-liked Legends in Season 13 and alternated between the top two spots, claims the top slot with an 11.4 per cent choice rate.

In addition to his funny remarks, he is the ideal combination of offensive and defence. Even though Octane is thought of as an offensive Legend, he can significantly improve his sprint speed, which is advantageous for both attacking and fleeing.

The Launch Pad Ultimate of Octane, which can launch him and friendly players into the air, is what most Octane users rely on to succeed.

That concludes the Apex Legends Season 13 picks. As usual, throughout the season, buffs and nerfs will come and go, changing the game’s meta and, as a result, Legend pick rates. Looking forward to season 14.

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