Apex Legends Mobile leak claims solo mode arrival

Apex Legends Mobile

Players of Apex Legends have requested a solos mode for many seasons, but leaks suggest that mobile players may get it first.

Players have a range of options for how to play the battle royale in Apex Legends. Public games are available for those who want casual gaming, while the Ranked Leagues are available for those who prefer a challenge.

In addition, the Awakening Collection Event for Season 13 will bring Control back, along with the Arenas mode and numerous LTMs that occur periodically.

A solo mode has been requested by Apex Legends players ever since the Iron Crown Event in Season 2, but it appears mobile will get it first.

Keep reading to find out everything we know about this permanent solo mode that may be coming to Apex Legends Mobile.

Leaked Apex Legends Mobile solo mode

Apex Legends Mobile

Players of Apex Legends have been requesting a dedicated solo game option from Respawn for a while now. The company would essentially claim that since this is a team-based game, a solo option would be very unbalanced before finally introducing a duo mode. But it appears that Apex Legends Mobile will soon have a solo mode.

The icons for the solo, duo and trio modes were leaked by ThatOneGamingBot and are shown above. Although the icon for this refers to solos and duos, it doesn’t really indicate that this is a reference to a solitary mode LTM in Apex Legends Mobile rather than a permanent game mode. The icon would probably be distinctive if it were an LTM, but this one kind of blends in.

Of course, just because something might happen doesn’t guarantee that it will. Although it may have just been found, icons or data like this in games like Apex Legends might exist indefinitely without ever being used. However, a solo mode on the mobile game might not be concerned with the same traps as the base game, even though it would probably anger many Apex Legends fans.

One difference is that many of the same characters appear in Apex Legends Mobile, but their powers are implemented using other gameplay principles, such as Loba’s aptitude for grabbing a player’s respawn banner. It also has fewer characters, and given its current character count and ability modifications, a solo mode would probably be simpler to balance. 

Fans will just have to wait and see what happens.

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