Apex Legends Mobile: leak reveals new Legend "DJ"

Apex Legends Mobile Release Date and Times

A new Apex Legends Mobile exclusive character’s name and other exciting details have been leaked online.

Despite having been out for a little while, much of the game’s current meta is still being determined as there are still a lot of features that are still missing from the game before it catches up with the base game.

In the current Apex Legends mobile version, there are few characters available, but that may change in the future.

Characters and exclusive content have always been part of Apex Legends Mobile for quite a while.
The launch of Apex Legends Mobile showed this clearly when Fade was introduced to the world, and now another exclusive character has leaked online.

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New Legend on Mobile

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New Apex Legends Mobile seasons are arriving quickly, as they only last one month. Having said that, leaks for the new content, including the next Legend to be added to the roster, have already begun.

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According to ThatOneGamingBot, who has proven to be trustworthy in the gaming community, a new character named DJ, aka Rhapsody, will be added to the Mobile roster.

The latest leak reveals UI elements, a holospray, and more associated with Rhapsody, but no image of him. Interestingly, the robot dog will be named Nebula in the set as It appears in the leak Rhapsody is developing a relationship with the robot dog.

The Nebula Dog, on the report of Apex Mobile Leaks, could be also one of the Legend’s abilities, as it appears to be released and set loose, running around and possibly blasting distracting music.

Because the character is codenamed DJ and the leaked design of the Nebula Dog is similar to that of a speaker, we expect their kit and a possible backstory to be based on music.

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Furthermore, it is unknown when this Legend will be added to the game, but it would make sense to see them in Season 3, which is only a few weeks away.

Right now, Apex Legends seems to be a leaky ship with several Apex base game characters leaked recently, including Newcastle before his debut.

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With that being said, that’s all that we know about the exclusive new Legend coming to the free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter game.

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