Apex Legends Update 13.2: Everything we know so far

Apex Legends Season 1 Patch Notes

There will be several game enhancements and balancing changes in the upcoming Apex Legends Update 13.2.

The online multiplayer battle royale game Apex Legends uses three-player squads to play as pre-made “Legends” with unique skills akin to those of hero shooters. Since the game’s release, alternative modes have been added to allow for solo and two-player teams.

Update 13.1 added fresh skins, cosmetic items and a new Clinic for those exploring Olympus. Apex Legends patch notes will give us a better idea of all the changes and balances. Also, the new Awakening Collection Event began with the latest Apex Legends update

We are pretty certain that Apex Legends developers are already gearing up for the next update, even though 13.1 just came out, we are already thinking about what’s next.

Like most patches, there will be several bug fixes coming when the patch releases. Here’s what we know so far about the following Apex Legends update.

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Apex Legends Update 13.1 Release date

The date is not yet official but we will update this page when Respawn confirms the release date.

Apex Legends Update 13.1 Patch notes

We don’t have the patch notes yet, but as soon as they have been made available we will update this page when we have the official notes.

Apex Legends Mobile Patch Notes

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Thanks to leaks, many people were unsure who the 22nd playable Legend in Apex Legends season 14 will be, but now we know it will be Apex Legends Vantage.

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