World Long Drive: Golfer's driver snapped in two & flew at fan in 2017

Wes Patterson's Driver Snaps in Half

Wes Patterson suffered a shocking moment back in 2017 at the World Long Drive Championship in Oklahoma as his driver actually snapped while he was competing.

His ferocious swing saw the club follow through and connect with his back, snapping the driver in half and then detaching as he moved it back away from his body.

The head of the club was heading straight for the fans in attendance, with many ducking for cover as the club and shrapnel flew towards them.

Luckily, no one was hurt by the freak accident, with the railing in front of the spectators taking the brunt of the force from the club hurtling towards them.

With a club speed of 146mph, it’s lucky that no one in the crowd was hurt as the shrapnel from the shaft flew towards them. Some spectators picked up some pieces as a souvenir as one lucky fan got to keep the club head.

After the clip went viral on Twitter, plenty of people got involved, saying: “Whoahhh! …thattt could’ve eaaasilyyy been a scene from umm “final destination”!!…dayyummm!”

“This is definitely a fear of mine in competition, luckily that didnt directly hit the fan.”

“I’ve tried many ways to snaps clubs over the years but this is new to me!”

Patterson progressed past Ryan Reisbeck in the tournament, despite losing his driver half way through. Power hitters can normally out muscle the golfers when it comes to driving and Patterson certainly used that power.

His drive was beyond 400 yards, an impressive feat for someone who turned to golf later in life, it’s not like he’s been playing competitively for years.

He was once a pitcher in the MLB, representing the Atlanta Braves, so he has a history of being powerful and accurate in his sporting life, just not with a driver. He turned to golf after injury forced him to hang up his mitt.

During the driving competition, he certainly managed to harness that strength and power from his baseball days, going on an impressive run to the quarter finals.

Eventually, he was knocked out by Mitch Grassing who went on to finish as the runner-up to Justin James who took home the $125,000 top prize with his monster drive of 435 yards.

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