Kirby and The Forgotten Land: How to Unlock Everything

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Sword Ability

It’s been a little over two months since we were introduced to Kirby’s quest to save the Waddle Dees in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, let’s see how you can unlock everything in the game.

You’ll unlock new Waddle Dee Town buildings, copy ability evolutions, special figures, and more as you continue through Kirby and the Forgotten Land and rescue Waddle Dees, all of which are required for 100% completion.

The Forgotten Land features 40 stages spanning 7 worlds, including optional post-game content, so if you want to be a genuine completionist, you’ll need to find 120 Hidden Missions. Each stage in the pink puffball’s current adventure has three secret quests to complete in addition to clearing a level and locating the hidden Waddle Dees.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to do. See the list below for further information on everything you’ll get as a result of accomplishing these assignments.

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Tasks to Complete to Unlock Everything

  • Complete all Treasure Road stages (you are not required to fulfil the Target Time)
  • In Waddle Dee Town, complete the mini-games
  • Complete the three basic stages of Waddle Dee Cafe – Help Wanted
    • Flash Fishing – catch the Bling Blipper
    • Tilt-and-Roll Kirby – Complete the three basic boards
  • Isolated Isles, 100% the Post-Game – Forgo Dreams by gathering Leon’s soul’s 300 pieces
  • Every cup in the Colosseum must be beaten
  • Collect all Blueprints and fully upgrade each Copy Ability
  • Continue to donate to Waddle Dee Town’s Deedly Dees band until their stage is fully upgraded
  • Get all 256 of the Figure Collection’s 256 figures

Unlockables in Waddle Dee Town

The Waddle Dee Cinema is immediately available, but everything else in Waddle Dee Town must be unlocked first. By continuing through the Main Story, saving a set number of Waddle Dees, beating mini-games, and more, you can unlock these facilities, special figures, images, and even blueprints in Waddle Dee Town.

Kirby and the forgotten land 1

Waddle Dee Town Facilities:

  • Waddle Dee Cinema
  • Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop
  • Gotcha Machine (Vol. 1)
  • Waddle Dee Cafe and Mini-Game
  • Waddle Dee-liveries
  • Kirby’s House
  • Gotcha Machine (Vol. 2)
  • Colosseum – Meta Knight Cup
  • Waddle Dee’s Item Shop
  • Flash Fishing Mini-Game
  • Tilt-and-Roll Kirby Mini-Game
  • Gotcha Machine (Vol. 3)
  • Gotcha Machine (Vol. 4)
  • Waddle Live! Corner Stage
  • Colosseum – The Ultimate Cup
  • Copy Ability Power-Ups
  • Colosseum – The Ultimate Cup Z
  • Trader Waddle Dee
  • Gold Statues of Kirby and Elfilin

At Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee Town, Blueprints are required to unlock All Copy Abilities and Evolutions. There are a total of 24 Copy Ability Blueprints that can be found buried in various Main Stages. Once you’ve upgraded a copy ability, you’ll be able to get a new figure for that Copy Ability in the Figure Gotcha Machines.

As you complete the previous stage in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, more main stages will become available. However, before you can access the final boss level in each location, you must rescue a particular number of Waddle Dees from that area:

  • Natural Plains – 17 Waddle Dees
  • Everbay Coast – 19 Waddle Dees
  • Wondaria Remains – 21 Waddle Dees
  • Winter Horns – 23 Waddle Dees
  • Originull Wasteland – 25 Waddle Dees
  • Redgar Forbidden Lands – 32 Waddle Dees

Lastly, the majority of figures in Kirby and the Forgotten Land can be found in “gotcha” capsules, which can be found in key stages or by using a capsule machine in Waddle Dee Town. Some of the figurines won’t be available until you’ve unlocked the game’s relevant item or enemy. For example, unless you acquire the Space Ranger copy ability, you won’t be able to get the Space Ranger figure.

Looking through your collection will reveal figure requirements. Some figures are referred to as Special Figures, and they can only be unlocked by completing a specific assignment. To 100% Kirby and the Forgotten Land, all 256 of these must be obtained.

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