Alexa Bliss: WWE fans have mixed reaction to former champion’s return segment

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss made her WWE return on Monday night after being away from the ring for several months.

The star took time off in order to recover from sinus surgery and appeared on the latest instalment of the red brand in an intriguing promotional package.

Bliss was shown in a therapy session, seemingly working on getting over the trauma of losing her doll and beloved sidekick Lilly.

The last time we saw Bliss inside the ring was in a Raw Women’s Championship match against Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules. Not only did The Queen defeat her opponent, but she destroyed Lilly and left fans wondering what the heartbroken Bliss would do next in her storyline.

Her hiatus was very cleverly timed, as the WWE Universe has had almost four months to speculate over how her comeback will look and whether her supernatural gimmick will continue.

Based on last night’s promo, it seems Bliss is still using the same persona as before. In the clip, she was made to watch Lilly’s demise and she responded by trashing the therapist’s office.

Clearly still bitter from the loss of her demonic sidekick, it will be interesting to see whether Bliss reignites her feud with Flair or if there are new rivalries in the pipeline for this fresh chapter. 

Fans have discussed Bliss’ promo and there are a lot of split opinions. Some of her most loyal supporters are eager to see WWE continue with her supernatural gimmick, but others are holding out for something similar to her Goddess era, in which she won both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Championship. 

Before her feud with Flair, Bliss antagonised Eva Marie and Doudrop with her powers and since the latest Draft, there are a number of new wrestlers with whom she can toy.

Becky Lynch, Bianca Belair, and Carmella all switched brands and could be an option for a new Bliss rivalry once she makes her full return.

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