Kingdom Hearts 4: Everything We Know So Far

All the latest around Kingdom Hearts 4

Many in the gaming community are hoping for Kingdom Hearts 4 to be released in the near future.

Kingdom Hearts is a series of action role-playing games developed and published by Square Enix. What is great about the franchise is the fact that it is a crossover of various Disney properties based in a fictional universe.

The last game in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3, was released all the way back in January 2019, so we are definitely due a new game.

Here is everything you need to know about Kingdom Hearts 4:

Latest News

UPDATE 17th June 2022: Kingdom Hearts 4 will feature “a few Disney worlds”.

UPDATE 22nd March 2022: The 20th Anniversary Event for Kingdom Hearts takes place on Sunday April 10th 2022, and there could hopefully be some more information on Kingdom Hearts 4 then!

UPDATE 18th October 2021: Will Kingdom Hearts 4 be coming to Nintendo Switch?

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Kingdom Hearts 4


There was a massive leak on the Nvidia GeForce now database recently and it revealed that a load of games are being rumoured for release on PC and Kingdom of Hearts 4 was one of them. 

UPDATE 16th November 2021: Further leaks on the Nvidia GeForce Now database has revealed that the release date for the game is in September 2023, although this has not been confirmed by Square Enix.

Kingdom Hearts 4

Release Date

The official release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 has not been confirmed yet by the developers, but many are hopeful of a 2022 release.

Be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates.

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Kingdom Hearts 4


Just like the release date, an official trailer has not been revealed yet. We expect this would take a lot of time as there is not even a release date for the game currently.


For this game, players will want to know what worlds across the Disney universe are in Kingdom Hearts 4. There are also original worlds in the game.

In Kingdom Hearts III, there were 30 worlds in the game, and we should expect there to be at least 30, if not more in Kingdom Hearts 4 and when more is revealed, we will provide all the updates right here.

Due to this game being based on leaks, for the time being, there is a lot unknown around it; however, we know that the franchise will deliver a great game whenever it comes out due to the roaring success of the first three games in the series.

Kingdom Hearts 4

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