17-year-old baseball player goes viral after clocking 82mph pitches


A teenaged baseball player has turned a lot of heads this weekend after being filmed in action in the pitcher’s mound.

Olivia Pichardo, a 17-year-old from New York left batters bamboozled with her unbelievable fastballs. The clip shows the youngster effortlessly pitching balls that clocked speeds up to a whopping 82mph.

The clip was posted by Twitter account Baseball For All and its founder Justine Siegal, who is also a baseball coach and sports educator. In 2009, Siegal became the first female in history to coach a professional men’s baseball team – taking the reins as first-base coach at Brockton Rox.

The official Guinness World Record for the fastest pitch by a female was set back in 2013, when Lauren Boden recorded a speed of 69mph. Since then however, the bar has continuously been set higher and higher by girls around the world.

Brittany Hepburn, Australia’s starting pitcher, bettered Boden’s speed with her 76.4mph fastball during the 2018 Baseball World Cup. Then, in 2020, 15-year-old Raine Padgham changed the game during a baseball camp. 

The pitching prodigy clocked an 83mph throw, just slightly faster than Pichardo’s efforts in the recent viral video. Both girls are still teenagers and are already proving that women must be taken more seriously when it comes to baseball. Both Padgham and Pichardo are paving the way for young girls and stomping out the age old negativity behind ‘throwing like a girl’.

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