European Super League: FIFA 21 simulates what would happen


YouTuber CherryBlossom has posted a video earlier today revealing what happens if you decide to simulate the entire European Super League in the much-maligned FIFA 21

Yes, we know, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about this new league, but bare with us on this one, it’s actually quite fascinating seeing what goes down in a simulated world.

Clicking quick sim on every match on offer, the results play out over 11 minutes of menu and table footage from the game.

A host of matches between teams such as Manchester City, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern and Piemonte Calcio (Juventus) play out with randomised scores as the game gets to pick and choose in the manner the player is normally meant to. 

The game churns out thrashings, draws and upsets all over the place without a care in the world as the simulation continues. In a dream that nearly always escapes the club’s fans, Liverpool find themselves at the top of the table in the end, six points ahead of their nearest rivals Real Madrid, who sit on 55 points. 

FC Barcelona, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain round out the top five as the tournament comes to a close.

The video then closes out on the image of what appears to be an astronaut lounging with a bird in a world where the moon sports the XBOX logo (which, if Bill Gates has his way, may well become a reality some day at this rate). 

The European Super League has been making huge waves in the football world since its announcement late last night.

Founding teams, of which there are 12, are expected to play “new midweek competition” whilst continuing to “compete in their respective national leagues.”

The likes of Boris Johnson, the Premier League and UEFA have denounced the idea, as well as some professional footballers, with threats of banning any involved teams and/or players already in the works. The league has arrived in the wake of calls for reforms in the sport starting last year.

As for FIFA 21, it’s been a game that was well-received for the most part by critics at the time of its release. The same cannot be said, however, for its players.

Pilloried for its poor controls, uninspired game play and lack of innovation, FIFA 21 was dismissed as a carbon copy of FIFA 20. Interestingly, a similar complaint was lodged in regards to FIFA 20 being a little too similar to FIFA 19. Perhaps there’s a pattern developing…

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