Call of Duty: Warzone: Sykov pistol forcing people to uninstall the game


Call of Duty: Warzone’s latest weapon, the Sykov, has split opinion among fans of the game with some feeling it is almost unstoppable. 

The new pistol is said to have the capability to eliminate opponents at such speed rarely seen before in the game’s history.

Expected to be a popular weapon of choice when it enters the meta in Season 3 next week, the Sykov can be unlocked by killing four enemies using pistols across five different matches. 

When tweaked with the right attachments, it looks almost unplayable. So much so, a lot of players are genuinely UNINSTALLING the game and putting down their controllers!

By adding the monolithic suppressor, Sorokin 140mm auto barrel, the 5mW laser and 80-round drum magazines, the Sykov becomes a powerful force when it comes to close range shooting. 

If that wasn’t enough, adding Akimbo will help with dual wielding and also give you double the firepower as well as stabilising accuracy from hip-firing. Madness!

It is similar to that of the Diamatti meta that gamers may recall seeing Call of Duty YouTubers wipe out their competition with earlier this year. Although that was very popular at the time, as the Sykov will be, its incredible time-to-kill ratio is turning a lot of people off who feel they were powerless when it comes to defending themselves against the rapid pistol, making the game unenjoyable.


Reddit user DefunctHunk wrote: “I have no problem with fast TTK in multiplayer, that’s expected. But in WZ, I’m so tired of looting for 10 minutes only to get deleted in under half a second with no time to react.”

Another user, however, questioned who wouldn’t want an advantage of such a device. After all, it is a game. Everyone is looking for an edge. 

In a seperate discussion, niceusernameright also posted on Reddit saying: “Who wouldn’t use the newest gun that has yet to be nerfed? Who doesn’t want an edge and solidify dubs? If you get killed by any other gun would you feel better about it because it’s not OP?”

It’s an interesting debate and one that will surely intensify once Season 3 drops next week.


Watch this space to see just what impact the Sykov has and how it changes the landscape of Call of Duty: Warzone going forward.

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