Women's Sport: Meet Kim Ng, the senior vice president for baseball operations at Major League Baseball

We’re taking a look at the women pulling the strings behind the scenes in sport and today in the spotlight it’s Kim Ng, the senior vice president for baseball operations at Major League Baseball.

What does she do?

Ng started working in baseball in 1990 as an intern for the Chicago White Sox. She then joined the Yankees becoming the youngest assistant general manager in Major League Basketball and working with the team as they made three World Series title runs. She also worked as an assistant general manager for the Dodgers.

In 2011 she became the vice president for baseball operations at Major League Baseball. Through her job, she looks after international baseball operations managing initiatives in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and across Asia. She also works on the International Talent Committee who hire international players.

How has she impacted sport?

Ng is one of just three women to work as an assistant general manager in Major League Baseball and is often touted as the favourite to become the first-ever woman to hold a general manager position. She is currently the sport’s highest-ranking woman.

Of the expectation to become the sport’s first female general manager, Ng told UChicago News in 2018: “The idea that this is all sitting on my shoulders—it’s a lot of pressure. It’s hard. But I think someone’s going to have to do it.

“At the end of the day, if this doesn’t happen, I’m not going to see it as, ‘My career was a failure.’ That might be other peoples’ take, but that’s not mine. I know how hard it is. I know about all the guys who didn’t even get an interview who probably should have had an interview.

“I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve worked extraordinarily hard to get where I am. If I don’t end up becoming a general manager, that’s just the luck of the draw. I’ve had a great career regardless.”

Why is she a role model?

Ng has been featured on Forbes’ Most Influential Minorities in Sports list and Most Powerful Women in Sports list. She also featured as one of Adweek’s Most Powerful Women in Sports.

Whether or not she is the first woman to become a general manager or not, holding such a senior role shows other women what can be achieved in Major League Baseball. If she does make history becoming a general manager, however, she will be smashing that glass ceiling even more.

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